Normally undergraduate student projects will involve Aspen Plus or Aspen Properties. To start either of these packages, be sure to look for the corresponding. in 24 Hours. Integrating Aspen Plus into the Chemical Engineering Classroom . Not Recommended: Using lecture time to prepare students for the tutorial. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Beginning with Aspen Plus , there is also an XML Results file available from Aspen.

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They have tried to make this into a comprehensive user’s guide to the Aspen and Icarus software and have added quite a bit of material about the computer lab organization and setup that I hope you will find useful. This manual will have details of the parameter names and the models. Understand that although Icarus may be more exact with their calculations FACT only uses percentages of one cost to estimate anotherit is also just an estimation based on sizing.

I recommend using to as the temperature range to look at, and incrementing by 1. RateFrac is a rate-based nonequilibrium model for simulating many types of multistage vapor-liquid operations and simulates actual tray and packed columns, rather than the idealized representation of equilibrium stages.

In the inlet vapor stream sheet, if you were given vapor fraction and one other property, instead of both temperature and pressure, you can enter the percent vapor fraction under the missing property.

Modeling Coal Combustion

This ends the first chapter on using Aspen. Notice that this is not the actual height ppus the absorber. The diagram on the next page is a visual description.

First you need to select the piece s of equipment you desire. So, go back to your flowsheet, and attach a Pump found under Pressure Changers item directory to the absorber bottoms, then add another RateFrac column to the stream coming from the pump.

If this is the first simulation you have ever made, choose 11. create a Template, click OK, and then select.

We have managed to optimize this column just by varying the pressure of the column and the flowrate of the tutodial oil. One last piece of advice: For pressurized steam, you will have the choice of high, medium, and low pressure steam.


Aspen Process Manual contains over volumes with leading authors from industry and academia, produced over the last 30 years. There are a number of ways to go about this. Start every problem with a sketch, a material balance and a heat balance and you will spend a lot less time trying to get yo ur process to converge.

For example, to azpen to the static IP address Feed, Tops and Bottoms or some variant of them usually works. In this case, add the streams: Solid Liquid Separation The Solid-Liquid Separation Process Manual contains 11 volumes and covers topics that include equipment selection, cake filtration, clarification filters, thin layer filters, sedimentation processes, filtering centrifugation, sedimenting centrifugation, less common separation processes, filter media, and ancillary processes.

If a disk or folder is shared, everyone with whom you give permissions to the file may access it from the network. Aspen Properties Stop manually researching and transferring physical aspdn data. Once it’s deleted, it’s gone for good.

There are a few requirements that need to be met first. Some choices of drums plue up; select the top right by clicking on it.

You would just need to drop your work on the shared folder and it would be accessible by all members of your group.

Icarus is a good tool for estimating the cost of OSBL within your facility. Mini Manual Series The Process Manuals Mini Series provides information on general solids processing steps, such as gas and particle properties, adsorption, comminution, and classification.

I have seen many, many flash drums that were not adiabatic, columns with a reflux ratio below the minimum try a McCabe-Thiele Diagram for startersand overall material balances that were not right. Right-click on the main process area, and Add Aspej Component.

Modeling Coal Combustion

Wednesday, January 30, Specify the temperature and pressure at which the reactor should be operating. Whenever you make a modification to the asprn system, make sure you make any pertinent changes, especially if you are adding a complex component, or if your system is no longer at a low pressure, etc.

I had written several sets of instructions for solving various problems with Aspen and Icarus and, over the years, we had assembled lots of specific but unorganized answers to questions. Our first converging run produces the following results: Possible side effects of using this software include: The streams above the pinch require hot utility, and those below the pinch require cold utility.


Aspen Technology

This concludes our final chapter in this tutorial for Aspen Pinch. By now, you should realize that whenever tabs displayit means you need to enter more information before moving uttorial the next step. Once you have compiled a stream table similar to the one above, it is time to create a composite curvewhich is an enthalpy-temperature diagram that compiles the enthalpy changes of hot and cold streams at each temperature.

A reasonable set of values for Aspen to iterate between is 30 ft as your upper limit and 1 ft as your lower limit.

Aspen Plus™ Information

Trust me, it will save you pus in the long run, when you have actually added the recycle stream. Just start from the first branching polar vs. Now you should see streams added for your hot and cold utilities. You can view your results by clicking on Results Summary, tutogial choosing the Streams folder to obtain the resulting stream compositions, or you can click on the Convergence folder to obtain your new packing height.

Remember if you are ever unsure of what a stream on the block your column represents, hold the mouse over the red or blue arrow and Aspen will tell you. Any one of the options associated with it could be altered to theoretically give us a better answer; this includes size, type, and material. As well as the recommended Thermodynamic Property Tree, an index of most common abbreviations for the models is given in the online help. R1 Effluent HOT Before adding OSBL facilities, note that the following elements are sized with a default value, and will plue to be resized: